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2x2 "Ascent" LED Sign Module - 3 Modules/Ft. - 10 Ft./Box
Channel letters: face and halo
Internally Illuminated Sign Cabinets
Architectural Lighting
Accent and Cove Lighting
  • 4 SMD LED’s per module.
  • 3 modules per ft, 10ft per box to minimize cost.
  • Low profile-under 1/4 inch.
  • 3M VHB double faced tape.
  • Mechanical fasteners for a secure installation included.
  • Low power draw, able to power 90 white modules on a 12 volt 60 watt power supply.
  • Conformal coated board under protective PVC housing to insure water-resistance.
  • UL Recognized in US and Canada.
  • Module Data Sheet
LED Colors
Per 10' Foot:
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